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Cisco’s Light Project : Atlas Light Art

Live Light Art Show during Atlas Electronic Fest The Atlas Electronic Festival has chosen Ciscoto mark its first edition and  to illuminate its cultural adventure to the honor of electronic music and art. The Festival gives rendez-vous to its fans from this edition, every year. An event submerged in an experience rich in emotion, where nothing is standard. With one purpose, to immerse international visitors in an atmosphere of beauty that goes far beyond music, arts, lifestyle and innovation. For […]

Cisco’s Light Projet : Love’s Callighraphy

« Love » Calligraphy in Lightpainting Real time Light Latin Callighraphy of « Love », a Live Real time creation preformed on beach during Sunset by Cisco Light and Will Light, it’s a poetic performance that show diffrent ways to use the Real time Lightpanting sysrem « Light&Motion »

Cisco’s Light Project: FIFA Opening Show

Live TV show for the FIFA opening Show : Cisco got to create a spectacular live show for the viewers and the delegations of the participating clubs at the Clubs World Cup. The TV show asked for a Light Painting real-time video show for the international Federation of football association (FIFA).

Julien’s Light Project : Envol Show

Live Light Show « Envol » A meeting between the musicien and compositor Meivelyan and the calligrapher Julien Breton aka Kaalam. The real-time system of light-calligraphy added to a system of synchronized sound allowed to the caligrapher to communicate with the musicien through his strockes  

Julien’s Light Project : Ingelec Campagn

Ingelec TV campaign in real time video painting The advertising agency Billy & The Kid was the first to see the creative opportunity in real-time light painting calligraphy and decided to use it for one of their client. “We were looking for a never-before-seencreative approach in a category too often neglected by advertising agencies. So when we discovered the work of Julien Breton and Studio Lightpainting, we immediately knew we had found something awesome! No TV commercial had ever been […]

Julien’s Light Project : The Movement

The Movement  : a Real Time Lightpainting Scenic Show Julien Breton and Studio light painting decided to work together to set up a real time lightpainting calligraphy performance. The idea of ​​this project was born in 2015 during a collaborative work to create a new concept of artistic advertising, combining calligraphy and Real time video. After the success of the advertising campaign, Julien Breton, Cisco and William decided to merge performing art with visual art to create a unique show. […]