Fella Malou – Abrstarction Lightpainter

Meet Fella Malou :

Fella Malou –  Abstarct Lightpainter

Fella, is an Algerian multidisciplinary Artist, passionate about drawing, photography  and light painting with a pronounced taste for Light calligraphy.  Her passion for drawing in one line began at a very young age and when she discovered lightpainting, she led her passion for drawing to a new demotion. She’s evolving at the crossroads of new technologies and art of lightpainting.  For Fella, Lightpainting is an art whose concept is very inspiring. it allows to realize artistic photos and gives her the possibility to master and control the light. it offers a wide field of creation whether in calligraphy or abstract, what allowed her to develope her own lightpainting style combaning Callighraphy and one Line drawing. The artist Fella exposed her first serie in 2016 under the theme Focus Musical. she has also developed a lightpainting project around the one line drawing. She works currently on artistic installation with Studio lightpainting during : Artistic Meeting, festival, advertising, and Shows …

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 Fella’s Gallery

Fella’s Light Project :

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