Fran Cisco – Arabesque Lightpainter

Meet Fran Cisco :

François.A – Cisco Light sculptuer Artist

“I seek the means to sculpt the light, to clay it, to spread it around a subject to give it a soul. I am a sculptor of light ”. François Alias Cisco is a French light painter artist with a modern and creative vision of photography. He is onFrançois Alias Cisco is a French light-painting artist with a modern and creative vision of photography. He is one of the greatest artists of Lightpainting portraits nowadayes. He has been a light painter for 10 years now and has been living in Morocco since 2007. This country inspired his Light-painting and light writing style. Once in Morocco, he was fascinated by the arab calligraphy, the arabesque forms and the Zellige. He made most of his work about those three axis.
Cisco has traveled a lot, and performed in many countries: Australia, UAE, China, Algeria, Egypt, England, Canada… Traveling around the world allowed him to enrich his artistic knowledge and nourish his inspiration, in addition of meeting other Light-painting artists with different styles.
Cisco describes himself as a sculptor of light, who seeks the means to clay it give it a soul by spreading it around a subject.

Cisco’s website : Link
Cisco’s Social page : Link

Cisco’s gallery :

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    Houria - Freedom

    Light Arab calligraphy "Freedom" in Moroccan Desert "Merzouga"

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    Light Arabesque

    Lightpainting arabesque form in the portugal city of Mazagan - Morocco

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    Hayat - Life

    Light Arab calligraphy "Life" in Moroccan Desert "Merzouga"

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    Day Lightpaint

    Arabeesque Lightpainting form in day Light by Cisco Light

Cisco’s Light Project :

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Light Projet : FIFA opening LightShow

Cisco got to create a spectacular live show for the viewers and the delegations of the participating clubs at the Clubs World Cup. The TV show asked for a Light Painting real-time video show for the international Federation of football association (FIFA).

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Light Projet : Love Calligraphy

Light Latin Callighraphy of « Love », a Live Real time creation preformed on beach during Sunset by Cisco Light and Will Light, it’s a poetic performance that show diffrent ways to use the Real time Lightpanting sysrem « Light&Motion »  …

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Light Projet : Atlas Fest Light Art

The Atlas Electronic Festival has chosen Cisco Light Art to mark its first edition and to illuminate its cultural adventure to the honor of electronic music and art.  An event submerged in an experience rich in emotion, where nothing is standard…

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