Julien Breton – Callighrapher Lightpainter

Meet Julien Breton :

 Julien Breton – Kaalam, Light Artist of Calligraphy

Julien Breton works since 2001 on the realization of Latin-Arabist calligraphy. He developed his own Latin alphabet inspired by the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy, his work was influenced by the style of the calligrapher Hassan Massoudy. This alphabet allows him to create calligraphy with an oriental style but with a french meaning. The construction of a bridge between the Arab and Western world guides the development of this unique style that tends to symbolically universalize these two cultures.  Julien describe his Light art as a cry in silence. Everything is silence. Its movement, the light that cuts through the air, the ephemeral words, the darkness that envelops it, the evanescent traces of its shadow, the electric colours and the geometry that dissolves into nothingness. Julien Breton won a award in light-graff category during the international Urban Arts Awards in 2011 and 2 Bronze Awards to the Dubaï Lynx Awards for the communication campaign.

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Julien’s Gallery

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    Noor - Light

    Empreintes Turn off the light Callighraphy by Julien-Breton

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    Noor - Light 2

    The Lake Road at Welbeck by Julien Breton.

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    Al Jamal - Beauty

    Light arab Calligraphy by The Lightpainter Julien Breton in a Hall

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    Light On stage

    Light Live Performane "The Movement". Real Time video painting

Julien’s Light project

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Light Project : The Movement

Julien Breton and Studio light painting decided to work together to set up a real time lightpainting calligraphy performance. The idea of ​​this project was born in 2015 during a collaborative work to create a new concept of artistic advertising, combining calligraphy and Real time video…

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Light Projet : Ingelec Ad campagn

The advertising agency Billy & The Kid was the first to see the creative opportunity in real-time light painting calligraphy and decided to use it for one of their client. they were looking for a never-before-seencreative approach in a category too often neglected by advertising agencies…

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Light Project : Envol Show

A meeting between the musicien and compositor Meivelyan and the calligrapher Julien Breton aka Kaalam. The real-time system of light-calligraphy added to a system of synchronized sound allowed to the caligrapher to communicate with the musicien through his strockes…

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