Billy & The Kid agency was looking for an authentic advertising concept never seen before. For this reason the agency called out Julien Breton, the most talented and recognized light painter in the world, and Studio lightpainting to create their project with our lightpainting techniques for real time show.

With Julien Breton, we created a lightpainting advertising campaign in real time for INGELEC, Moroccan leader in electrical goods. The campaign became quickly a viral hit, it was widespread on all social networks and local media, people did not just talk about this new concept, but they loved it.

The success of this campaign was not only due to its presence on all media (TV, billboards, magazine, mobile application …), but to the life that lights gave to the words, this campaign created a strong emotional link with the audience.

  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off-2
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-9
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-6
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-3
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-2
  • Ingelec2
  • Ingelec1
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-4
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-7
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-8
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard-11
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off_©_David_Gallard
  • 11541293_844678658921243_1986928983_n
  • BTK_Ingelec_Making_Off
  • 11650547_10203058694666552_820930494_n

The campaign took her inspiration from the quintessential artistic expression existing in Arab culture: calligraphy. Thanks to the epic work of the team, we managed to attain the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.This concept is probably a great revolution in the advertising world of. Another team’s Premiere in advertisement in the world.

we invite you to visit the website of Julien Breton, one of the greatest calligrapher artist in the world: website


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