Inspired light – Dubaï, Emirats

Infiniti Advertising campaign : Inspired light – Dubai, UAE

Patrick Rochon, asked for Studio lightpainting technology to work in collaboration with TBWA and Infiniti Motors Middle East, to create one of the biggest project of artistic advertising in Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Patrick Rochon is a lightpainting artist known at internationally for his revolutionary lightpainting performance.

The idea was about turning 3 Infiniti cars equipped with LED into lightpainting brushes, to create a revolutionary new form of video animation.

light painting in DubaÏ

To carry this idea from dream to reality, We faced a lot of challenge, but seeing the results, we were dazzled by the splendor of lights.

Studio lightpainting technical control

Four months of intense work, 3 professional drivers, the best artists, technicians, cameramen, engineers, professionals light painter in the world and a local team composed of 30 different countries, were gathered to live this great adventure, this lighted trip, and design a premiere lightpainting masterpiece in advertising.


This collaborative work gave birth to 12 minutes Video, which we share with you


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