Vincent Blondy – Graphic illustrator Lightpainter

Meet Vincent Blondy :

Vincent Blondy-  Graphic Illustrator Lightpainter

After 5 years of studies in graphic arts schools in Paris, Vincent has developed a sense of artistic creation in agency, then as a freelance illustrator, particularly in the textile field. Versatile, Vincent began to diversify his activities thanks to the photography, the video production, or the musical composition within the group « Hakéa ».

The beginning of 2017 marks his return to light painting. A world that has evolved internationally, from his first photographic experiments with William, to his first encounter with Cisco, who introduced him to video light painting in real time, where the magic operates. A Complete artist, his association with Studio Lightpaitning and their know-how in live show, gave him the opportunity to perform for the show « Brains » broadcast in prime time on TF1. The following residencies in the studio SLP, as the Show in Casablanca or France, allowed him to invite an original style in the world of light painting: A figurative style, from line drawing to stop motion, adding a touch of graphic design to the magic of light.

Vincent’s Gallery

Vincent’s Light Project :

Light Project : Brains on TF1


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Light Projet : Sanad Reveal Show 


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Light Project : 


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