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What we do?

Light painting

The word Photography comes from two Greek roots: « Photo: light » and « graphy: writing, painting, drawing). Literally: » painting with light.  »

Photography is the art of capturing the moment. The lightpainting is the art of stopping time and prolong this moment to capture the movement of light in space.

This is a long pause photography that fixes the light movement in time. This light is a painting that the artist moves in front of the lens to paint. Each lamp is a different brush; each element is symbolic and significant in the design of the whole project.
The result is an artwork of lighting art born from the darkness and telling a unique story.

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    Architectural light

    The long break allows us to multiply the graphics conceptions for a bright décor

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    shooting light painting

    It is the power of imagination

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    Lightpainting Photocall

    The graphic choreography of light

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    Advertising: Inspired Light

    The moving light’s speed.