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Who we are?

Studio Lightpainting Founders 

Studio light painting is a perfect blend between art and technology. By bringing in one team, a creative lightpainter artist with original ideas, and an augmented reality nerd we give birth to a new dimension of light art.



Artistic Director

I love the light. I seek the means to sculpt it, to clay it, to spread it around a subject to give it a soul. I am a sculptor of light ...

François Alias Cisco is a light painter with a modern and creative vision of photography. One of the greatest experts artist on our days of lightpainting portraits, he developed numerous techniques that allow him to capture and immortalize the movement of light.



Technical Director

In audiovisual, we still have a lot to invent especially in real-time lightpainting. Our purpose is to exploit these inventions to make of lightpainting an original artwork

Passionate about image and sound engineering, William joined Studio lightpainting in 2013, and has not stopped innovating. He is the technical director and the Geek of the team: Real time Video animation, interactive terminals, sensor lights, lamp design and manufacture.