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Fella Malou - Abrstarction Lightpainter
17 mai 2018

Meet Fella Malou : Fella Malou -  Abstarct Lightpainter Fella, is an Algerian multidisciplinary Artist, passionate about drawing, photography  and light painting with a pronounced taste for Light calligraphy.  Her passion for drawing in one line began at a very young age and when she discovered lightpainting, she led her passion for drawing to a new demotion. She's evolving at the crossroads of new technologies and art of lightpainting.  For...

Frodo DKL - Scenic Lightpainter
27 avril 2018

Meet Frodo DKL Frodo DKL Scenic Light Artist Frodo Álvarez DKL, is a Spanish light painter artist from Spain. In 2009 he started to experiment Light Painting in a pioneer way, and soon it became his passion, and later his way of life. Nowadays, he is full time lightpainter. Related to his art, Frodo is known for not being afraid of anything; he always keeps innovating and has no boundaries to create. he is developing continuous experiments,...

Jadikan - Stereoscopic Lightpainter
27 avril 2018

Meet Jadikan Jadikan Stereoscop and 3D Light Artist His passion for photographic capture was born when he was a teenager. In 2009, Jadikan had his first exhibition at Cube in "Issy les Moulineux". For him the "lightpainting" allows to intervene in the space with light, playing the long photographic pose. It then seems obvious wanting to capture the relief of these "luminous sculptures". He developed a line of research around stereoscopy (3D...

Vincent Blondy - Graphic illustrator Lightpainter
26 avril 2018

Meet Vincent Blondy : Vincent Blondy-  Graphic Illustrator Lightpainter After 5 years of studies in graphic arts schools in Paris, Vincent has developed a sense of artistic creation in agency, then as a freelance illustrator, particularly in the textile field. Versatile, Vincent began to diversify his activities thanks to the photography, the video production, or the musical composition within the group "Hakéa". The beginning of 2017 marks his...

Fran Cisco - Arabesque Lightpainter
25 avril 2018

Meet Fran Cisco : François.A - Cisco Light sculptuer Artist “I seek the means to sculpt the light, to clay it, to spread it around a subject to give it a soul. I am a sculptor of light ”. François Alias Cisco is a French light painter artist with a modern and creative vision of photography. He is onFrançois Alias Cisco is a French light-painting artist with a modern and creative vision of photography. He is one of the greatest artists of...

Julien Breton - Callighrapher Lightpainter
20 avril 2018

Meet Julien Breton :  Julien Breton - Kaalam, Light Artist of Calligraphy Julien Breton works since 2001 on the realization of Latin-Arabist calligraphy. He developed his own Latin alphabet inspired by the aesthetics of Arabic calligraphy, his work was influenced by the style of the calligrapher Hassan Massoudy. This alphabet allows him to create calligraphy with an oriental style but with a french meaning. The construction of a bridge between...

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