Light Art show is a live performance presented by our artistic trio Frodo Álvarez DKL & Patry Diez & Will Light, produced by the Spanish agency Creartys and in collaboration with Studio Lightpainting.

We have participated to the PING AWARDS ceremony celebrating the best digital French creators of the videogame industry.

Frodo has built a show representing different video games sequences rewarded for this award ceremony. A two-part creation beautifully staged by the team of lovers of light. Frodo works on a scene like a 3D image. His canvas is the stage and the light his ink. In duo with  Patry, both create a dozen of color and animated sequences. Each awarded video game was represented in these shows.

Frodo had the creativity to tell a story full of emotion. We received a great feedback from the audience, congratulating our team for their  artistic contribution to this ceremony.

The artistic team under the guidance of their manager Cédric Mérand from CREARTYS is constantly creating new shows. Each painting reflects how the creation of an image brings the viewer into a luminous narration.

The technical creativity of William Guignard, technical architect of this video and light solution, brought a real plusvalue to our creation. Some effects have been specially designed for the benefit of LighArt shows. Strong of 15 years’ operating for the group Canal Plus, he is also behind his computer to stream and adjust all the lights effects during the realization of the show.

The Studio lightpainting team is proud to collaborate with such a talented and creative team. We are planning many projects for the coming year. Patry, Frodo, William and Cedric are passionate and will follow creating … A bright and poetic shock for your stage performances!