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Light & Motion – Lightpainting Video System

Light & Motion : Lightpainting Real Time video System

 a Real time video painting software created by Studio Lightpainting

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The Light Painting Video

The Lightpainting is the art of stopping time to write with light in the space. It is an art that combines Time, Space and Light. The Lightpainting video replaces one of the parameters of this art, which is Time by the Real time. The Lightpainting video is on a continuous time which is technically translated into video in real time. This video solution offers the ability to write in Space with Light in Real time. This revolutoionaty Technic adds a new  dimention to The lightpainting art such as Mapping, 3D, Virtual reality.  it also  gives diffrent possibilities for Light artists gives opens doors for creativity.



The Light & Motion System

The video lightpainting system is a modular solution that translates light into motion. This system called « Light & Motion » is a digital creation tool that places technology in the service of Lightpainting. It adds a virtual reality demotion to this art. The real-time video painting device “Light & Motion” is a state-of-the-art technological tool, developed by William in collaboration with the lightpainter Cisco. Studio lightpainting offers its technical know-how to lead through the lightpainting, ideas from imagination to reality. The Light & Motion is a perfect blend between Art and Technology.


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Horizon & Collaboration 

The research and development of this technological tool is constantly evolving. Studio Lightpainting regularly develops new collaborations with several Lightpainter artists. These artists with authentic styles and signatures bring a new dimension to video lightpainting. The variations and applications of the « Light & Motion » system are endless. The horizon of this technology is very broad. Studio Lightpainting opens its doors to new artists and for new collaborations in order to realize new ideas in Lightpainting and to give birth to new innovative artistic projects in lightpainting.


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The creators : Will Light

William Guignard aka Will Light, is a Light artist with an audiovisual training (sound and video), he discovered the classic light painting photo in 2007. He wanted to quickly bring his professional video skills to develop this art. In 2009, William developed a software using a webcam, allowing to view the light track during light painting capture. This version has evolved over time, incorporating many effects, always on the reflection of the capture of light motion. In 2013, during his meeting with the artist Cisco, this real-time video painting tool made a real leap forward, thanks to a material investment as well as numerous artistic collaborations. It has become, over time, a powerful, reliable and modular tool, open to many configurations.

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