Ingelec TV campaign in real time video painting

The advertising agency Billy & The Kid was the first to see the creative opportunity in real-time light painting calligraphy and decided to use it for one of their client. “We were looking for a never-before-seencreative approach in a category too often neglected by advertising agencies. So when we discovered the work of Julien Breton and Studio Lightpainting, we immediately knew we had found something awesome! No TV commercial had ever been shot using this technique! It’s a world premiere!” proudly says Christian Penichou, Executive Creative Director at Billy & The Kid. Teaming with Julien Breton, and studio lightpainting, the agency created a global and integrated advertising campaign based on real-time light painting calligraphy for INGELEC, the leading Moroccan brand in electric goods and home appliances.The campaign quickly becomes a viral hit.It spreads across social networks,is featured in local medias,and peoplenot only talk about it but they seem to love it! “The strength of this idea lies in its ability to live on every media. TVcommercials, viral videos, outdoors, newspaper and magazines, we even created a mobile app and augmented reality press ads. We were literally everywhere!”explains Jonathan Lereculeur, Executive Creative Director at Billy & The Kid. Another reason of the success of the campaign is its strong emotional link with the people:“That’s the kind of idea that speaks to the heart of all. It takes its inspiration in one of the greatest form of artistic expression in Arabic culture: Calligraphy. And thanks to Julien’s and Studio light painting’s technological tricks, it led to the perfect balance between tradition and innovation.” concludes Christian Penichou. No doubt the use of real-time light painting show will have many followers in advertising world and beyond.

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